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Choosing a Hamper for Corporate Gifts this Christmas

As the season of goodwill draws ever closer and you feel your stress levels rising, choosing a hamper for corporate gifts this Christmas can be the solution that ticks all your boxes, instilling calm and a sense of satisfaction that you have this usually troublesome task under control.

Whether you are the Company Director looking for gifts for your staff, or the staff member given the challenge of sourcing the perfect corporate gifts at the optimum price to please your boss, here’s a little advice to help you find a gift hamper that fits the bill.

Of course planning is the real key here…

The saying ‘you can’t please everyone’ can seem relevant when searching for a corporate gift to suit staff or clients. OK, gift vouchers may seem like an easy option, but do they convey that personal thank you message to your clients and staff?

Choosing a hamper for corporate gifts this Christmas lets you give the personal touch without having to source individual gifts from individual suppliers. After all nothing says thank you more than a bespoke gift.

Barry Collins Tailored Hampers can offer you plenty of ideas for key customers and staff all available under the one umbrella. Choose local produce hampers to impress clients from further afield, or for the locals perhaps a hamper filled with goodies of an international flavour. Sumptuous French cheeses or South African wines will tantalise the taste buds and evoke dreams of next year’s holidays.

Nothing makes a staff member or key client feel more valued than knowing you’ve paid attention to their tastes and interests. A speciality hamper like craft beers, organic produce, or gluten free for a staff member who is celiac are all examples of how choosing a hamper for corporate gifts this Christmas will bring a smile to the faces of clients and staff alike. Barry Collins Tailored Hampers offer you corporate gift hampers that are as diverse as your clients and staff!

Now for the essential info needed for your tick list…

  • All the products sought for our gift hampers are always of premium quality
  • Every hamper is selected with care, beautifully packaged and presented with gold ribbons and a personal message of your choice.
  • Our flexibility knows no bounds – we can cater for large orders, bespoke requests, and source specific products you request (within reason of course)
  • We can offer very competitive rates for volume orders with a promise of delivery on time, every time.

Impress your clients and staff by choosing a hamper for corporate gifts this Christmas and give them the Christmas they deserve.

See our range of quality hampers here, or give us a call on +00 353 21 485 2244 today and add history, tradition and memories to your gift-giving this Christmas.

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Personalise Christmas Gifts with a Luxury Hamper

As the nights draw in Christmas inevitably pops into our thoughts. Lists are written as we begin the yearly struggle of finding something different to buy for staff, clients, friends or family. Why not personalise Christmas gifts with a luxury hamper?
Hampers come in so many sizes and variety of products making them a perfect gift to suit the personality and taste of any individual so easy.

Gifts for her…

Sweets are always a fail-safe gift choice at Christmas. For chocoholics why not give a hamper filled with divine chocolates – after all it is a somewhat healthy option. Medical experts tell us that eating good chocolate in moderation is good for us!

A luxury hamper packed with beauty products can be a great choice. All women love trying out different moisturisers and lotions, and what better time than the Christmas season when we are all feeling more relaxed?

Talking of relaxing, sipping a glass of wine by a roaring fire is a wonderful Christmassy activity, topped only by the accompaniment of luxury chocolate and good company. Choosing a hamper filled with good wine and luxury chocolate is sure to be a very welcome gift this Christmas.

Gifts for him…

Personalise Christmas gifts with a luxury hamper suitable for corporate clients, your staff, or the men in your life and they will truly appreciate the thought you put into choosing their gift this Christmas.

Consider a hamper filled with carefully selected craft beers for those partial to something a little different to Guinness. A luxury hamper selection of whiskey will impress that key client showing that you care enough about his business to remember his interest.

Cheeses, local or international, or a mixture of both, complimented by a selection of biscuits makes a great gift for the man without a sweet tooth… and for the sweet-toothed guy you’ll find a variety of luxury hampers filled with chocolate that he will love.

Gifts for foodies – health conscious or otherwise…

Gourmet hampers make wonderful gifts. The presentation of all those gorgeous foods; the smells, the tastes, the accompaniment of good wine, will thrill and excite the recipient. When you choose a gourmet hamper you give more than a gift, you give an experience.
Giving a gluten free hamper is such a thoughtful gesture to those with gluten intolerance. A client or staff member who receives this gift will feel valued and appreciated. They really will be delighted that you took the time to give a personal gift this Christmas.

Mix tradition with a twist this festive season and personalise Christmas gifts with a luxury hamper–it will definitely get you a great big thank you!

See our range of quality hampers here, or give us a call on +00 353 21 485 2244 today and add history, tradition and memories to your gift-giving this Christmas.

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5 Reasons why Hampers are Great Christmas Gift Ideas

The holidays are made for feasting and merriment which is why hampers are great Christmas gift ideas. Whether you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for clients, as a thank you for their business, or you want to reward staff members for their hard work throughout the year, hampers are an excellent way to show your appreciation.

Still not convinced?

Here are 5 reasons why hampers are great Christmas gift ideas…

1 – Everyone loves the element of surprise. What better surprise is there than a Christmas gift hamper filled with decedent, delicious goodies? Who has childhood memories of Christmas’s spent delving into a hamper sent by a distant aunt to check out the contents?

2 – There is so much variety and choice when it comes to gift hampers. From flavoursome wines to craft beers, divine chocolates to savoury cheeses, local gourmet foods to gluten free selections. There really is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

3 – When you choose to give a gift hamper this Christmas it can be as personalised as you need it to be…

  • A chocoholic – you have it covered with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate
  • A wine buff – the selection of wines are endless
  • A travel fan with a taste for good food – select a hamper filled with international flavours
  • Ladies who love their beauty routine – a basket filled with moisturisers and lotions will have their cheeks glowing
  • Guys who like a beer – a selection of craft beers will go down a treat

4 – For affordable luxury hampers are great Christmas gift ideas. You can fill them with all kinds of indulgent treats like chocolate, biscuits, bottles of wine and savoury snacks, always within the budgets you have set. Consider hampers for your corporate gifts this Christmas; delight clients and staff at prices you can afford.

5 – Hampers can be tailored to suit you the customer. For volume orders specific products can be sourced, you can personalise corporate gifts with ribbons in your company colours, or cards branded with your logo for a personalised message.

Hampers are great Christmas ideas…

They are perfect for sharing during the season of goodwill and an excellent way of saying thank you. From the conservative client to the quirky staff member, for friends or family, there’s a Christmas hamper for everyone, guaranteed to make them smile.

Now that you know hampers are great Christmas gift ideas visit our website to see our range of quality hampers, or give us a call at Barry Collins Tailored Hampers today.

See our range of quality hampers here, or give us a call on +00 353 21 485 2244 today and add history, tradition and memories to your gift-giving this Christmas.

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Planning Christmas Gifts

You know that Christmas is just around the corner when the nights are drawing in, the fire is lit and we’re frantically trying to work out how to fit everyone around the table for Christmas diner! If you’re an organised person it also means that the pen and paper is out and you’ve started planning Christmas gifts.

Not so organised? Don’t worry, we have some helpful ideas!

Without stating the obvious… be organised

If being in charge of planning Christmas gifts for corporate clients is an additional task to your already busy schedule, being organised will make the task a lot less stressful. Planning Christmas gifts with time to spare ensures you have complete control of your budget.

So let’s make a list, check it twice; forget about the naughty, because all hampers are nice!

Planning Christmas gifts now gives you time to think about the recipient. Hampers make such perfect gifts; there literally is a hamper to suit everyone.

  • For prestigious clients think about luxury hampers filled with quality wines, luscious chocolates or delectable organic products like cheeses and chutneys. Choosing gift hampers tailored to your client’s tastes and your budget will tick all the boxes long before you hear the Christmas songs playing on the radio.
  • For staff you know quite well, giving a Christmas hamper that reflects their interests and personality can really make them feel appreciated.
  • It can be sumptuous chocolates for the lady in accounts, or a selection of craft beers for the warehouse manager. The receptionist with a young family might love to receive a traditional Christmas hamper filled with cake, biscuits and treats made for sharing.
  • Outside of the traditional, hampers can be as specialised as you want them to be. Why not give the gift of French Champagne, a Gourmet Food Hamper or a Gluten Free Selection? Perhaps beauty products for the ladies would go down well for some staff, whilst international cheeses would be received with mouth-watering delight by others.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless if you choose hampers when planning Christmas gifts this season. Plus, you have complete control over your budget.

See our range of quality hampers here, or give us a call on +00 353 21 485 2244 today and add history, tradition and memories to your gift-giving this Christmas.

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Christmas Hampers – The History and the Magic

Christmas is a magical time; delving into Christmas hampers while sitting by a roaring fire evokes memories of excitement and delight.

The History

Where did this wonderful gift idea come from? What is the history of Christmas hampers?

While the concept of hampers began in France, with baskets filled with treats introduced in England as long ago as the 11th century, wicker baskets have been used for the safe transport of food for over 1000 years. It was during the Victorian era that giving Christmas hampers became really popular. Wealthy Victorian families and employers would prepare luxury food hampers as thank you gifts for their staff. With the massive development of the railway networks at this time, the staff would often send these food hampers home to their own families.

It was around 1850 that Harrods of London fuelled the trend of giving Christmas hampers when they began supplying gourmet luxury hampers to wealthy Victorian customers. The original Harrods hamper was quite a simple collection; a choice of turkey, goose or ham, plus a bottle of port, tea and a pound each of butter and tobacco.

These days you don’t have to go to Harrods to buy luxury Christmas hampers and the choice of goodies for your hamper is a lot more exciting.

While the tradition of hampers was as gifts for families during the festive season, it’s really only been in the last 20 or so years that corporate gift giving has become popular. Many companies who like to reward dedicated staff or thank valuable clients choose Christmas hampers to do this.

And why not? After all there is so much choice to be found in the one place!

A beautifully presented hamper filled to the brim with delicious wines, divine chocolates and luxury gourmet treats will delight any client and make any staff member feel appreciated.

These days hampers aren’t just for Christmas. With such a wide selection of products to put into your basket there is a hamper to suit everyone, whatever the occasion, whatever the time of year.

Christmas Past, Present & Future

That said, it is the Christmas season and Christmas hampers are going to be around for another few hundred years!

Choosing to give a gift hamper this Christmas will delight and excite clients, staff, family and friends, creating Christmas memories for the future, reminders of Christmas past, but best of all giving pleasure in the present.

See our range of quality hampers here, or give us a call on +00 353 21 485 2244 today and add history, tradition and memories to your gift-giving this Christmas.